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Hey, it’s ok to need training!

We know the story; your business is doing well, sales are coming in and you don’t need to change. Everything’s fine as it is, right? Wrong.

While following a strategy is always a good idea, it’s wrong to think that nothing will change over the six months, year or even decade since you started it. That’s where some training comes in – it’s ok to need it!

Here’s why…



You’ll notice every now and again that your mobile phone asks you to update the system; maybe some apps have been tweaked. Well, PR and marketing is like that too. There are always new things on the market, updates to policy or legislation (let me hear you say “GDPR”!).

Training can help you keep up to date with social media platforms you don’t use often or have recently come onto the market, any style updates with the press or simply open your eyes to other opportunities you may not otherwise have thought about.



Perhaps your business is diversifying, or a new management team wants to take things in a new direction. We’re all programmed to fear the unknown but believe me, there really isn’t a need to.

A training session can help you to get to grips with that scary Snapchat, merciless MailChimp or pesky PR. Remember, it’s fun when you know how!



Unfortunately, nothing in business can be taken for granted and every now and then, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

Don’t worry, a little bit of training can help your team – from management to shop floor – know what to do if there is any form of crisis.


There are so many more reasons why a little bit of training in all things PR can help to boost your firm’s brand. If you want to find out more, join us for our free-of-charge, monthly Hugoversity seminars to become top of the class or throw us a bone on 01325 486666.

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