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Just what is your brand?

You’ve spent years developing, launching and nurturing your business, but what is your brand?


Your business sells, supports or provides a service, but your brand is how it is seen.


Have you spent the time thinking about what your brand is?


Take 30 seconds to think about what people would say about your business if it was a person.


Is it fun? Formal? Immature? Colourful? Bland? Up-to-date? Dated? Confusing? Transparent?


Well, here are just a few simple ways that you can market your brand to the world – or at least the area.


Be social…

Especially for B2B businesses, the value of face-to-face communication cannot be understated. You alone have the passion for what you do, so let that shine through whenever you’re talking to others about your business.


Always have your brand in mind – if you’re a bright, dynamic business, wearing black and sitting in the corner won’t reflect that.


Be in the right places…

Are you using the right channels for your audience to see you?


Social media, magazines and industry publications are all perfect ways to get in front of the right people, but make sure you’re using them in the right way. There’s no point in being on Instagram if you don’t have a strong bank of images, or your audience are pensioners.


Likewise, would you advertise in a local newspaper if your audience was the younger generation?


Be vocal…

There’s no point in doing amazing work, winning big contracts or being at the forefront of your industry if nobody else knows about it.


Share your great news with the media – local, national or trade (where relevant of course). Don’t be shy, shout!


Be yourself.

Your brand should shine through everything you do, so if you feel uncomfortable around people, struggle with spelling or don’t like being in the spotlight, you’re risking giving the wrong impression – ask for help if you need it.



If you need help finding out what your brand looks like, or getting it out there, don’t suffer in silence – that’s what we’re here for! Throw us a bone on 01325 486666 or drop us a line at info@harveyandhugo.com


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