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Durham’s leading DNA company Complement Genomics offered helping hand on Divorce Day

One of the UK’s largest DNA testing companies, head quartered in the North East, braced itself for ‘Divorce Monday’, as it anticipated a surge in demand for its services.

The first working Monday of a new year, which this year fell on January 9, is known as one of the busiest times of the year for the legal profession, most notably family lawyers and mediators. The day traditionally sees huge numbers of couples end their marriages, leading to it being dubbed ‘Divorce Day’.

With the Office for National Statistics (ONS) claiming one in seven divorces is granted as a result of infidelity, dadchecksilver, one of the flagship brands of Complement Genomics Ltd, predicted an increase in requests for answers to paternity and biological relationship questions, which it is able to supply to its customers using the latest in DNA testing technology.

“We understand there are several reasons people get divorced,” said General Manager of the County Durham-based company, Neil Sullivan.

“However, it is unfaithfulness which concerns us most, as often there is a child involved and therefore a need to carry out parentage tests.”

“With many couples waiting until after Christmas and the New Year before initiating a separation, Divorce Day is becoming more and more significant in our industry.”

Data from the ONS claims 42 per cent of all marriages end in divorce, with 114,717 granted across the UK in 2013. Though divorce rates are said to be plateauing, Neil believes the services provided by dadchecksilver have never been more necessary than they are today.

He continued: “When it comes to infidelity, we understand there are a range of circumstances and these are nearly always best kept private.

“Unfortunately, with factors such as social media, it is harder and harder to keep things that way, meaning an increasing number of people need clear information, such as paternity testing results, which we are able to offer in a discreet, professional manner.”

To find out more about the company and the services it provides, please visit http://www.dadchecksilver.com/who-are-we.htm or call 0191 543 6334.

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