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Learning from mistakes

Nobody’s perfect and everyone makes mistakes. bigstock-Two-heads-of-people-with-mecha-25539083

In fact, it’s said that great leaders allow their people the freedom to make mistakes. But good employees are those who recognise when mistakes are made, own them, fix them, and most importantly learn from them so that they will never happen again.


Own them

There’s a saying that most people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t too busy denying them! Good employees are accountable for mistakes. They admit them often before their manager has even noticed and apologise. They do not get defensive, don’t make excuses for their mistake and go on to offer solutions.


Fix them

All good employees know that the next step is to do whatever it takes to put things right. Although sometimes the damage cannot be undone, great employees do their very best to rectify the situation to the best of their ability.


Learn from them

A good employee is willing to look objectively at their mistake and recognise where they went wrong. If they don’t know, a good manager should always help them understand why their choice or actions were the wrong thing to do. It’s then very important to put processes in place to ensure that the mistake will never happen again and that other employees can learn from you.


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