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Let’s get physical!

Gestures and simple movements can impact your performance, so in the words of Olivia Newton John, let’s see how getting physical can help make you more successful!


1. Smile as often as you can as positivity attracts positivity and helps cure stress


2. Show that you understand others’ emotions by mimicking their expressions – this happens naturally when you’re tuned into them


3. Using hand gestures helps you retain knowledge as well as helping you get the point across


4. A good hand shake is not only a great way of introducing yourself, research has shown that our bodies respond better to human touch and if you shake hands your twice as likely to remember them


5. Someone’s feet can often reveal more than the face. Under stress people’s feet become fidgety or if they’re looking to get away, their feet will often point in the other direction


6. Whenever you’re struggling with a task, crossing your arms can apparently aid problem solving by making you more determined



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