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Living in the ‘Moments’

Hands up who loves Twitter but thinks it’s sometimes just too busy? Well you’ll be pleased to know, Jack Dorsey and his brilliant team, have heard your plight.

The social media company has launched a new feature, designed to make the social networking site more inviting to the average user who might get lost in the clutter of tweets, mentions and hashtags.

Part of what has always set Twitter apart from other social media platforms, is the way its short tweets allow for bite-sized, real-time updates about news and events around the world.

Twitter has around 300 million active monthly users and is often used as a professional networking tool, or a way to connect those with specific interests, hobbies and causes.

However, as a mainstream social media, Twitter has fallen short (especially compared to Facebook, where everyone and their mother, grandmother and dog has an account). Millions of users who created accounts never bother to tweet or fail to keep coming back to the site.

This is understandable – there are too many tweets! Following and connecting with all the people and organisations you are interested in can easily lead to timelines filled with several tweets each minute.

The new feature, which began rolling out across web and mobile devices earlier this month, will showcase multiple ‘Moments’ a day, curated by a group Twitter employees. These selected Tweets will come primarily from those involved or at the scene of the events, to give the best overall picture of what is happening.

The layout of Moments is also heavily visual – with most tweets featuring images and video – to make for an easy to navigate and engaging experience.

‘Moments’ curated by media partners such as Buzzfeed, New York Times and NASA are also on the horizon, as well as those that do not correspond to any particular event or occurrence, such as a story to showcase surfing.

Are you excited for Twitter’s Moments and do you think it will be a useful to the Twitter illiterate and newbies? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us @harveyandhugo

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