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Local ‘heartland artist’ turns lifelong love of art into colourful career

A rising Richmond artist has credited the beauty and scenery of the North East for her blossoming career.

Susan Marie Williams is preparing to showcase her paintings, inspired by the region, across several upcoming exhibitions and ongoing display in local galleries.

The full-time artist has chosen to show her ‘Heartland Watercolours’ series, which uses bold colours enhanced using masking fluid and ‘Fantastic Flowers,’ created using acrylic inks on canvas.

Speaking about her art, Susan said: “My sense of belonging to this local geography and knowing the detail of it has inspired and influenced me and my work because it’s soaked right into my bones.”

After more than two decades living down south in London, Essex and Suffolk, Susan now resides in the same village in the Richmond area that she grew up in.

She has always had a strong love for art and has incorporated it into her life, revisiting her artistic side many times, whether it be developing new drawing techniques or as simple as scribbling little ‘embellishments’ on birthday cards.

Following many years of working in an office, being self-employed as a proof reader, copy editor and indexer and more recently tending full-time to her animals, it is finally taking the leap to working as an artist full-time that has helped Susan find her happiest place.

Speaking on what her new journey as an artist means to her, Susan said: “What I want to achieve through my art is to be able to continue to produce it. It’s a simple thing.

“I’m not consciously trying to convey a message or say the world should be like this or that. The art is just coming out of me in this way.

“The good news for me is that, so far, most people looking at my paintings seem to get the same pleasure as I do from the colour and life and happiness they see there.”

Susan’s art will be displayed ongoing at Wensleydale Galleries in Leyburn and The Showcase Gallery in Richmond, as well as in three upcoming exhibitions:

Open exhibition: Two ‘spots’ in A Spot on the Wall at The Station Gallery, Richmond (18 July to 2 September)

An Exhibition of Fantastic Flowers: Acrylic Inks on Canvas at The Old School House Arts Centre, Leyburn (23 July to 13 August 2015)

The Art of Wishful Thinking or ‘Wouldn’t it be Great if the World Looked Like This!’ at The Town Hall Gallery, Darlington (3 August to 11 September 2015)

For more information on Susan and her work, as well as an online shop to purchase prints and originals (with cards to come during the summer), visit: http://www.susanmariewilliams.com/

Follow Susan on Twitter at @heartlandartist and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/theartofwishfulthinking