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Maintaining a work/life balance when you’re always ‘connected’

We all know it is not ideal to be glued to our phones when out with friends or to constantly check messages and social media when we should be working.

However, in today’s world of ‘go go go’ and always being ‘online,’ many people may not see a problem with always making oneself available for work-related communications – checking emails all weekend, responding to after-hours messages from other time zones – but as with any behaviour, it can get obsessive and be bad for your mental and physical health!

These tips can help you curb your addiction (or stop one from forming) and maintain an ideal work-life balance:


Recognise Why

Take some time for self-reflection and figure out the reasons you might feel a need to constantly check your emails or immediately reply and take action. Are you worried that you’ll miss something? Seeking a distraction or connection? Trying to impress with fast replies?


Utilise Technology

This could include using your phone’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ function overnight or scheduling your emails to come through once every one or two hours when you are outside the office.


Set Limits

For example, is the temptation to respond to emails while on holiday too strong? Forbid yourself from checking them! Include the contact information of a dependable colleague in your out-of-office reply so you can be notified of anything truly urgent.


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