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Make way for The Mothership! We’re presenting at the exclusive PR masterclass for entrepreneurial parents

We’re delighted to announce that our Leader of the Pack will be giving an exclusive PR & marketing masterclass for The Mothership networking event on Tuesday, 7th March.

At the unique networking event designed by York-based events company Avocado Events for parents sailing their own businesses, Charlotte will be using her expertise as a business owner and a PR professional to give a seminar on how to build an awesome brand in just seven steps.

Concentrating on public relations, content marketing and social media marketing, Harvey & Hugo’s three core services, the session aims to educate parents who have their own businesses on how to get the most from their businesses’ social media, PR and content marketing to effectively and uniquely brand their business.

Attendees will also gain a detailed understanding of social media in marketing and public relations and begin to think tactically and strategically about how to implement social media in their business’ professional campaigns.

The event will follow the success of Charlotte’s seminar at The Business Show in November, where our Managing Director gave a well-received talk on the ultimate social media sins for businesses, demonstrating how bad social media strategy and a lack of online etiquette can cripple a business’ brand image.

As head of a successful and forward-thinking digital agency, Charlotte’s methods are tried and tested, and as Harvey & Hugo operates at the forefront of digital communications, we are always up-to-date with the industry and have plenty of knowledge to share.

The event will be held at the luxurious Hotel De Vin & Bistro, York from 09:45-12:30 and will cost £40, including a delicious breakfast, ‘breakfast banter’ networking and Charlotte’s seminar.

Looking forward to joining us? Tweet us at @harveyandhugo or @Avocado_events!

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