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Making the most of social media: Twitter tactics

BRUSSELS - MARCH 03: Twitter hit by hackers. About 40 companiesSocial media can be a powerful free marketing tool, invaluable to your business if utilised effectively. But are you making the most of those promotional Tweets?

Are you finding all too often your Tweets are going unnoticed or that they receive poor click through rates? This is when you know that your social media strategy is wrong and in need of some intervention.

Don’t despair, help is out there! Twitter is aware that the platform is increasingly being used as a marketing commodity by businesses and is now offering help in the form of free webinars. Much like learning to ride a bike, you can only get better through practice.

We’ve been taking part in these webinars and we are keen to share with you what was learned in one of the sessions.

First of all it is important to set out what you would like to achieve from your Tweets, for example this could be:

Tweets which set out to do any of the above are known as Direct Response Tweets. The main purpose of these Tweets is to prompt the user to do something with a strong call to action. In addition, try to avoid using # and @ mentions as this can distract users and affect the effectiveness of the Tweet.

So with that said, what makes up a DR Tweet? Many of the most effective consist of the following components:

Now this next point may come as a shock, but Twitter advise you to cut down on the use of exclamation marks in DR Tweets, as research shows that this typically lowers click through rates.

Now you’ve implemented all of the above you should see a considerable change in your social media activity and how your audience is interacting with you. It’s important to monitor your progress and success can be measured in the following ways:

If you would like to make the most of Twitter, why not let us take care of it for you. Take a look at our current social media packages: http://www.harveyandhugo.com/pay-as-hugo-social-media/

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