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Making time for quality social media content

“I really see the value, but I just don’t have the time,” is a phrase we hear often when it comes to social media.

You can of course outsource your social media requirements to a fabulous agency like ours, but if you want to do it in-house, here are some tips:

Make it part of your morning routine improve

Set a plan to work on content for the first 10 minutes every day, then the hard work is done just after 9am. I’m sure you check the local news anyway – could this relate to any of your target markets? If so, plan a tweet about it – you can always post it later.

Team work

Ask team members to be responsible for certain activity. It might be that one person works on a target sector and one person shares company news. It’s important to spread the content out evenly throughout the day.

If you really must….schedule

So long as you set alerts to be notified if anyone replys to you, I will allow it only when you’re super busy!

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