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Mellow Colour launches revolutionary print quality system

mellow-logoPrint colour management specialists, Mellow Colour has released a ground-breaking internet-based print run approval system, ImpressionProof.

Since its launch, the system already has a large following from leading brands that are concerned with colour critical print.

One of the top retailers, Marks & Spencer, is a keen advocate of the revolutionary system, with over 70 per cent of its clothing print suppliers using it.

ImpressionProof enables printers to produce an online report which confirms whether or not the desired colour has been created.

This system saves many business people money and time, through travel expenses and overnight accommodation, as they no longer need to physically approve the print run at the printing plant, without leaving their office they can be assured of colour accuracy by using ImpressionProof’s reports.

The ground-breaking print quality system is evolving the print industry into a more sustainable future through the reduction of travel and therefore carbon emissions.

Trevor Hatchett, head of GM Packaging – production, quality and sourcing at Marks & Spencer said: “We have worked with Mellow Colour for over 3 years now and have made great technological advances with our approach to global colour quality management.

“We feel that ImpressionProof gives us the best opportunity to manage our corporate image, not only locally across the UK but within our international business as well.”

Alan Dresch, director at Mellow Colour, said: “Because of ImpressionProof, brands can have confidence in reliable and consistent colour and printers will have a real cutting edge USP to set themselves apart from the crowd.”

Mellow Colour provides colour quality management systems for some of the world’s most colour critical brands.

For more information, visit: http://www.mellowcolour.com/

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