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Motivating quotes from Robin Sharma

Tough day at the office? We all have them; but here are some inspiring quotes from one of the world’s top success coaches, Robin Sharma to help get you through the day…

“What distinguishes people with extraordinary character from the rest of us is how they respond when life sends one of its inevitable curves.”

“It’s amazing how far you will get by just staying with something long enough. Most people give up too early. Their fears are bigger than their faith.”

“Being a leader isn’t about being liked. It’s about doing what’s right.”

“Challenge serves beautifully to introduce you to your best –and most brilliant self.”

“Ordinary people don’t spend much time in the extra mile. But whoever said you were ordinary?”

“Each day, life will send you little windows of opportunity. Your destiny will ultimately be defined by how you respond to these windows of opportunity.”

Hopefully these will have added an extra spark to your day, remember; never give up.

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