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MPs issued with ‘idiot’s guide’ to Twitter

We all make mistakes – and unfortunately, social media means that some of our careless moments haunt us longer than ever before.
For MPs, the consequences of a Twitter faux pas, or simply coming across as boring or pompous, are amplified. Some have been mercilessly mocked – and even sacked – as a result of bad tweets.

A new 5,500-word report, produced by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and issued by commons speaker John Bercow to politicians, is an ‘idiot’s guide’ to using Twitter.

Here are the Top 10 Tips on How to Tweet from the report, via the Daily Mail:

1) Tweet yourself and be yourself
2) Tell the truth, all the time
3) Talk less than you listen
4) Tools make it easier and more effective
5) Your team can help you, but can’t do it for you
6) Tweets should never be deleted
7) Hashtags improve engagement, but should be used sparingly
8) Lists save you time
9) Your views aren’t your own
10) Photos and video make it more interesting

Other words of wisdom from the report include avoiding clichéd politician’s tweets, never sarcastically retweeting posts that criticise you and practising a ’60 second rule’ that involves waiting a minute after composing a tweet to send it out.
While some find the guide unnecessary, it never hurts to think before you tweet!

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