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My final month as an Erasmus Entrepreneur

After 3 wonderful months as an intern at Harvey & Hugo, the final days of my experience have arrived! I remember at the beginning of the course I thought that I would like this day to come soon, but the days have flown by and I’ve enjoyed every second of my time here!

Stepping out of your country and building roots in another is always very hard, even for a short period of time. The experience may be trying at times, but is at the same time a metamorphosis! The person who entered the plane to leave her country will now return as a new person, with better personal and professional knowledge than before.

Certain aspects of how to run a business can only be learned with practice, especially during internships like Erasmus +. Much of the real learning about business can only be learned outside the classroom. This happens because as much as your teachers try to guide you, only the actual experience of certain concepts will be enough for you to really understand.

So here are some of the main things I learned from my time at Harvey & Hugo:

1. Team work – Communication is essential. The main goal is the same for everyone, so if everything is discussed among all members the results can only be good ones. Even if the ideas are different, everyone needs to work together to help develop a mature and professional stance.

2. Constructive criticism – Critical remarks can be really constructive, but many young people do not know how to view criticism as potentially positive for their careers. This happens, in most cases, because they view the comments as personal offences. This an opportunity to learn from the mistakes you have made and to continue to improve your skills.

4. Bad days happen – Your computer can crash or the internet can fail, you can lose important files but the thing to remember that everyone has bad days and you just need to learn how to deal with them. The internship has given me the opportunity to learn how to react to these problems in an efficient and mature manner.

An internship like Erasmus + is a great course for the professional growth of any business or business person. So ask for advice, make a personal portfolio of your learning process to use in the future and try to learn from the experience as a person too.

It’s been an amazing journey for me and I’m going to miss Darlington, the lovely and friendly people I met here and even the cold mornings of the North East.

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