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My first month as an Erasmus Entrepreneur

The first month of the program is completed. Amazing. It seems like yesterday I entered Business Central in Darlington and met The Pack for the first time.

To arrive at a new place is always scary especially as a part of a new programme like the Erasmus+ for Young Entrepreneurs. What will be my role in the company? Am I a trainee? And if so what does it mean to be a trainee in this circumstances? Would I be treated as just another number or as part of the team?

Luckily all my questions vanished quickly as the team are friendly and always willing to help in every step off the way.

What amazed me the most is the positive balance of my learning during my first month. Right from the beginning, I’ve been involved in a variety of aspects of the company work, it was like a new world of knowledge for me that I’m sure will help me so much in my future work.

When I reflect on my training diary for the first month, I realise just how many different tasks I’ve undertaken and how much I’ve learnt.

I have learned so much about PR and I still have so much to learn. Above all, I do not want to disappoint anyone that is giving me their time and dedication, and if possible, I want to leave “my brand” (that would be the icing on the cake).

Day after day, I really feel like I’m starting to settle into the rhythm of life in the office thanks to the support of the team members, who have been incredibly friendly, welcoming and willing to share their busy time.




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