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Networking in a modern age

Networking in the modern age provides more opportunities than ever before. No longer do we have to worry if we forget to ask someone for a phone number or if we scribble an address down wrong.

Thanks to social media, we simply put the person’s name into Facebook – or any other chosen platform – and become instantly connected.

With all the modern social networks at our disposal, it has become even more important to promote yourself and connect with like-minded people.

Here are some tips to help you network to your full potential:

 Online presence

According to a recent study by BtoB magazine, the most popular social media channels used for networking are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Having social media accounts for yourself and business present on the three most popular sites means you are readily available to connect with acquaintances.

 Keep them updated

Being present on social media isn’t enough to sustain business relationships. Updating your web presence regularly with company news and events will provide opportunities for conversation and more face to face networking.


When networking face to face, have a short and concise speech prepared with details about where you work, who your clients are and what your goals are. If necessary practice but try not to sound over rehearsed. Personality is key!

 Quality not quantity

It isn’t about how many people you can connect with but the quality of the relationships you build. Remember to listen to what people have to say.

 Go to events

With a world of different social media accounts at our finger tips the need for face to face interaction becomes ever more sought after and appreciated.

Let us know if any of our networking tips have worked for you by tweeting us @harveyandhugo.


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