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New Year social media resolutions for 2014!

bigstock-Social-Media-Sign-28292228As the year nears to an end, we find people reflecting on many a thing, including social media.

Have you been making the most of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and all the other hundreds of social media platforms out there, for your business?

What better time, than the New Year, to improve your business social media performance… We’ve put together a list of resolutions to stick to in 2014, with the aim of successful accounts:

I will… Complete my profile on each and every account!

We wonder, how many people didn’t call your business in 2013 because you were too lazy to upload your number? Don’t miss out on a business opportunity in 2014 and add your contact details (and any extra information) to your profile!

I will… Build relationships with my target market, not randomers!

Don’t just make useless chit chat with randomers – that’s what your personal social media accounts are for! This year, stay focused and make a conscious effort to build relationships with your target market… It’ll benefit your business!

I will… Integrate my social media accounts into my website!

So many businesses don’t update their websites with their social media accounts, and because of this, so many businesses miss out on target market followers and Likes! Make it easy for your website visitors to find you on social media in 2014 and integrate your accounts into your website.

I will… Establish a schedule so my accounts won’t be abandoned!

There’s nothing worse than an account which has been abandoned, as people will automatically wonder: ‘Has this business been abandoned too?’. If you’re going to have social media accounts, make sure you manage them well, or delete them! Designate some daily social media time to your days and get a routine going in 2014!

I will… Cleanse my account!

There’s no better time than New Year, to cleanse your social media accounts. Go through the accounts you’re following and make sure there is a strategic reason why you’re following them – if there isn’t, unfollow!

I will… Be more creative!

How many times have you seen profile pages filled with sales updates? How many times have you left the page? Exactly! Be more creative with your posts in the New Year and engage your target market!

And, finally, I will… Have more fun!

Don’t see social media as a chore – it isn’t! Social media should be fun, give it a chance in 2014 and try and get into it. If you can’t, we’d be more than happy to have some fun with your account!

If you want to get cracking on your social media accounts before the New Year, have a read of our Christmas blog: 8 ways to make the most of social media this Christmas. (insert link)

If you’d like any help managing your social media accounts this year, or in 2014, give us a call on 01325 486666 or email charlotte@harveyandhugo.com

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