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New Year’s resolutions for marketing your business

1. Invest more in social media bigstock--OMG--popular-expression--Oh-39177691

Social media is becoming more and more important every year and there’s no reason to think that 2015 will buck the trend. Your use of social media should be integrated into your business’ marketing and PR plans and you should have dedicated team members actively participating in it or outsource it to social media professionals.


2.  Create a content marketing plan

Don’t just throw out content as and when, develop a real plan. Link things into an editorial calendar so you can maximise opportunities and delegate responsibility to different people within your Company.


3. Utilise apps to use your time smarter 

Apps are great to save you time.  We use Harvest for tracking time and have the app on all of our phones so we can keep track of time even when we’re out and about. This saves filling in timesheets when we return. Evernote is a good one for if your desk is full of post-it notes and Cardmunch is a great app for storing contact details simply by scanning a business card.


4. Make your clients feel special 

With all of the wonderful technology around today sometimes the simple actions can be overlooked. A hand-written thank you card can be worth so much more than a quick tweet or email.

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