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North East firm Findley comes to the rescue of local residents

North East roofing and building firm Findley have come to the rescue of Tyneside’s flood victims after they themselves were hit by the chaos caused by one of the region’s biggest storms on record.

After helping two elderly neighbours out of their Hebburn property during the floods last month, Grant Findley, company director at Findley Developments, vowed to help other residents in the huge cleanup operation.

At the same time, general manager of the business Chris Dodds and his mother-in-law had to jump to the rescue of her neighbour’s rabbit when they saw its cage floating in four feet of water which caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to the property.

Having witnessed at close hand the damage caused by the floods, the pair decided to use the company’s expertise to do much more to help in the aftermath of the flood.

Mr Findley said: “In circumstances like these we thought as a business the least we could do was to help where we could.

“We’ve worked for some of these people for a long time and now that they need our help we’re more than happy to assist them in any way possible.”

As well as rescuing people from their homes in the immediate aftermath of the floods, the Findley team is now involved in helping to clear up the ensuing debris and repair damage to properties in the area.

The company is also assisting people affected by the floods in navigating the insurance process and will be negotiating claims on their behalf.

Such is the firm’s willingness to help people in its local area, Mr Findley has even put his own insurance claim on hold until those of his customers have been resolved.

As the company processes what it estimated is to be between four and six months’ worth of work caused by the flooding, its 24-strong team will continue to work overtime.

Chris Dodds said: “We’re all really proud to be able to help people – and their animals – in this way. Everyone came together to help each other and I guess this was one good thing to come out of all this.”

Findley Developments has urged residents across Durham and North Tyneside who need help with insurance claims related to the flooding to call 01914 173 422.

For more information on the company, which incorporates all aspects of roofing, building, property maintenance and repairs, visit: www.findleydevelopments.co.uk.


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