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North East IT business leads the way in 3D technology

A pioneering North East information and technology services business is leading the way in 3D technology after launching a revolutionary, high-tech system in the region.John Minto

The Darlington-based firm, Mintronics has partnered up with 3D Systems, the American inventors of 3D printing, and launched a computer aided design (CAD) system which is ground-breaking to the automotive, engineering and medical sectors.

The CAD system includes the 3D Geomagic Capture Scanner and Geomagic Design X software, created to transform physical objects into a digital model, known as reverse engineering, ready for 3D printing.

Reverse engineering is set to benefit all types of manufacturing as it massively increases quality of standards as well as improving speed to market and reducing costs. It is now being sold through North East’s Mintronics which has a customer base of 1, 400.

John Minto, Managing Director of Mintronics explains: “The accuracy of our new system means that, for example, a car manufacturer can precisely replicate a car bumper without making any common mistakes, which can occur when doing manually.

“The capture scanner would examine the bumper and duplicate the exact measurements which would then be digitally transferred into a blueprint, through the software, making it reliable for production.”

Amongst other things, this system can also be used to replicate body parts exactly, a process that will have a dramatic impact on the medical world and patients’ lives.

The system usually costs £90, 000, but the transatlantic partnership means that the innovative products are readily available in the North East from £15,000, making it extremely accessible for SMEs.

John said: “The software is brand new for this market and will revolutionise many sectors. It’s so exciting to be introducing it to the North East.

“3D printing is nothing without the software to make it happen and our new system is the driving force behind it.”

“We’ve already had interest from leading British aerospace companies, the largest medical device company in the world, architectural companies, automotive firms and lots more.”

Gareth Glazzard, Sales Manager of 3D Systems said: “Our core goal is to democratise our technology. The concept is that designers and engineers of the future will have access to more than just design software, but also scanning, rapid prototyping and reverse and engineering technology.

“The Capture Scanner combined with a variety of software options enables companies that historically could not afford such technology to now do so.”

He added: “We are already seeing rapidly growing interest in this and other products Mintronics sell. I expect them to have a very busy and successful year!”

Mintronics is holding a 3D reverse engineering and desktop scanning seminar on Thursday 8th May, from 9:15am. The event will be an intimate session for those who are looking to buy a scanner and the software, attendees will see the scanner in action with the reverse engineering software.

Mintronics, which is expecting its turnover to double this year and is offering an ad hoc service to SMEs, is a leading provider of 3D CAD, CAM and document management control systems technologies.

For more information, visit: www.mintronics.co.uk

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