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Not just as pretty as a picture

In 2010, two gents had the idea to create a social media platform that was simply pictures. Simple right? Right.

It’s that simplicity that sent Instagram into the upper echelons of social media platform royalty and has made it the fastest-growing channel in the world with over 800 million users.

We’re all for keeping it simple here at Harvey & Hugo, so here are just a few tips for your Instagram feed.

Image or video?

Instagram now gives us the luxury of posting both, so which should you choose? The answer is simple: what would you rather see?

A scenic vista would get lost if you’re quickly panning across to get it all in – so keep it steady. Let your followers enjoy the view without it rushing past them.

Wanting to understand how to do something? Scrolling through countless squares of ‘next steps’ is likely to result in followers swiping down, not across, so why not shoot a quick video or create a short animation to talk your fans through a tricky process?

But remember, video can lend itself to anything. Proud of your packaging? Ten seconds of something being put into a box or fancy carrier bag can really appeal to your audience. It may just be an everyday task to you, but to them it could make the difference between buying and swiping. It’s really that simple!

How can I make it work for me?

Instagram has provided us with the luxury of a whole host of extra features to really make the feed work for us.

Want to shout about the people, charities or companies you’re working with? Tag them!

This will let them know you’re talking about them and encourage them to share.

Are you a retailer? Make sure you’re using shopping links!

By optimising your account to add a shopping facility, this removes steps for the user, making it easier than ever to buy from you.

Got a campaign going on? Block it up! Figuratively speaking…

Instagram’s feed means that you can easily create blocks of content, so followers can see at a glance what is being talked about.

This could be created by using one background colour, or one person, perhaps simply an accent colour or a set of graphics.

Another way to do this is to create shapes or lines within your feed – but be careful, this can be time-consuming and arduous so is a big commitment.

But the algorithm

Yes, this can be a pain – but Instagram has made it easy…

If people like your content, more people will see your content

Simple. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your team is fully on board with your social media strategy and prepared to hit that lovely little heart when they see you spreading your great news, products and services.

But how do I get people to like me?

The age-old question, and while we can’t speak for you outside of social media, on Instagram it’s all about the package.

The main thing is to make sure your content is looking good. No low-resolution images, over-used boomerangs or unengaging videos.

But hashtags can be your saviour. Instagram is now recommending that a maximum of three to five hashtags are used within any post, and here’s what they should do:

Hashtags 1-2: These are yours. This is another portal for your content so if anyone clicks on these, they will see the majority of your content.

This could be your company name, a nickname for your business or simply something that sets you apart. For example, ours would be #ThePack.

Hashtags 3-5: These should be relevant to your content and spark an interest in your target market so when they search or follow that hashtag, they are then inspired to follow you.

But be careful with your hashtags and be sure not to use ones where your message will get lost. For example, who’s going to see your team’s post amongst the 43,352,191 others using #Football?

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words, so if you need help with making yours scream, throw us a bone on 01325 486666.


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