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Pack Glossary Of Terms

If you’ve met a member of The Pack you may have heard us mention Pack HQ, the Pack Pup and numerous other things which you may not be familiar with.

But fear not, we’ve created a Pack glossary! See below a variety of terms to help you get to grips with our lingo…

The Pack – we are a team and we truly believe in hard work, loyalty and supporting each other in a pack-like mentality. As Rudyard Kipling said; “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Pack HQ – this is the location of our headquarters in Business Central, Darlington. We also have an office in London.

Pack Pup – the smallest and most precious member of our team is our Leader of The Pack’s baby girl who joined H&H in January 2019.

Pack Hugoversity – through our many years of experience we have gained a variety of knowledge, but we strongly believe that you should never stop learning and trying to enhance your skillset. That’s why we host weekly Pack Hugoversity sessions where we help to develop each other. This also helps with our Training School, Hugoversity.

Netting – networking without the work! The Pack host regular netting events across the Tees Valley area – we love to meet up with old friends and build new relationships.

Milk Chews – a recent discovery of The Pack’s was our love of the retro sweet, Milk Chews. They are a tasty treat and they even help to fuel our creativity.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about The Pack’s terminology. Keep your eyes peeled as we will continue to add to the glossary.


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