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Pay as Hugo Blogging

A ‘blog’ (formerly a ‘web log’) has recently become a popular marketing method for businesses. Blogging includes writing a short article (usually around 300 to 500 words) to inform readers of the latest news and developments within a particular field or industry, and offering expert insight into why these developments are happening and explaining any effects that they may have on those concerned.

We can provide a regular blogging service for you, whether you would like a monthly or weekly article and we will do the research and the writing for you. Our full list of blogging packages and bolt-ons are as follows:

Pay-as-Hugo Blogging King

Blog researched and written

This package is perfect if you recognise the benefits of blogging, but don’t know how or what to blog about. It includes:
– Research of three different blog topics
– We pitch these to you to choose one to pursue
– We then interview you to find out your perspective and thoughts on the topic
– We will then draft your blog and send it to you for approval
– We make up to two sets of amendments

Pay-as-Hugo Blogging Queen  

Blog written (Content / topic supplied by you)

This package is great if you know exactly what you want to blog about, but just don’t have time to write it.
– You supply the content and your opinions and thoughts
– We draft the blog and send it to you for approval
– We make up to two sets of amendments

Pay-as-Hugo Blogging Jack

Blog proofreading (blog supplied by you)

You’ve written your blog, but it just needs a once over to check it’s grammatically correct – this blog package is for you.
– We give the blog a proof
– We send it back to you with suggested amendments if any are required

Harvey & Hugo Club

Need an ongoing blogging campaign that will knock out your competitors? Join our Harvey & Hugo club! We can offer exclusive deals and rates when you become a monthly member.

Ask about joining our Harvey & Hugo Club and we can arrange a bespoke plan to suit you.

Blogging bolt-ons

Our range of bolt-ons help you get the most out of your blog package by tailoring it to your needs:

Blog photography / image selection  
An image can help generate more coverage and make your blog more memorable. This package includes:

Blog distribution
Article marketing is a form of website Search Engine Optimisation through distribution of a content. Blogs are distributed online to highly ranked news sites and article directories as well as bloggers and journalists to increase online visibility. This helps you build powerful back-links and inbound links from other premium sites, one of the most important assets to build your website’s credibility in search engines. All of this helps drive traffic by empowering more people to find you online and click through to your website

Blog placement
This is more targeted than blog distribution and involves you selecting certain websites you would like to feature your blog. These can be regional, national or trade. This bolt-on covers three websites / publications. Although we cannot guarantee that the publication will use your blog, we will try our best.

Blog sharing
It’s good to share, especially when it comes to blogs. We can share your blog for you on all of your social media sites and website as well as all of ours. Our social media sites have over 7500 followers mainly from the North East. We will also encourage more RTs and include key hashtags.


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