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Pay as Hugo Social Media Bolt-ons

Our range of social media bolt-ons help you get the most out of your package by tailoring it to your needs. You can add the following to any of our Pay-As-Hugo social media packages:

Targeted advertising:
This includes research into target markets, weekly management and reports plus advertising spend.

Graphic design:
We offer a graphic design service to keep your cover and background photos fresh and seasonal. We can also design special content such as infographics and adverts.

Photos make fantastic content for social media. We can come and take photographs of your team, office, restaurant etc. and also buy stock images for you.

#NorthEastHour evening session:
As part of many of the packages, we participate in #Hours such as NorthEastHour during the working day. The most popular #Hour that regularly trends nationally is the one on Monday evening between 8pm and 9pm. This bolt-on means we will participate in the full hour for you by both supplying content and interaction.

This bolt-on provides a detox for your account. We can run a check to see how many of the accounts you follow are still active and unfollow any inactive ones for you. We can also cleanse followers to make sure you are following only those in your target market.

If you don’t already have your accounts set-up, we can do this for you. You may just want to open a new account to add to your suite of social media.

Don’t see a package to suit you? We carry out a range of bespoke deals and training too.