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How to perfect the basis of your business press release

Do you have a business story worth shouting about but don’t know how to form an effective release to send to press? The smallest detail could be the difference between your story making the business page, or making a journalists’ junk folder, so we’ve chosen our most important tips to take into consideration when creating your release, to give you the best chance at making those headlines.

  1. Don’t underestimate the angle

You may think you have a great story, as your company has doubled its profits in the last year, but is this the best angle you could take? It may well be, but you could also be missing a trick. Did the profit increase mean jobs were created for the community, or have you helped the local economy in any way?

It’s important to promote the points the public will be most interested in, as these in turn, will be what journalists are searching for.

2. Be specific

Specifics are key. Your business has made a profit, but how much? Your company has created jobs, but how many? The press is looking for those all-important numbers, so if you can, provide them.

However, specifics don’t just have to be numbers. Another important point for a business release is your target area. A company that is described as ‘UK-based’ is less likely to do well with local press. If you can localise your release to the press you are targeting, you’ve got a higher chance of being noticed as worthy news.

3. Create a killer headline

This tip is the most obvious but arguably, one of the most important. A headline is the journalists first point of contact with your news when it arrives in their inbox, so it needs to instantly grab attention. It should emphasise your news angle and include specifics where possible.

4. Be creative with your press shot 

Recent feedback from the press has shown that it no longer wants a bog-standard ‘suits’ photo to accompany a business release. Times are changing and the media is becoming more and more visual. People want to see some creativity behind an image, whether it’s a change of scenery, the use of a relevant prop, or just an action shot of the company. It will pay to give your story a great visual aid.

As a public relations agency, we can help with all your needs including press release writing and creating those perfect press shots. Throw us a bone on 01325 486666 or info@harveyandhugo.com to find out more.


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