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Polam Hall Darlington students are off to see the Wizard!

Pupils from Polam Hall School, Hurworth School, Darlington School of Mathematics and Science and Hummersknott Academy were given a lesson with a difference when entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author Peter Wilcock shared his wisdom in a lecture entitled ‘The Wizard of Us.’

Peter Wilcock, former managing director of NTL who now runs his own motivational speaking business, used the story of The Wizard of Oz and its famous characters as an analogy as a base for his talk.

The lecture, which took place in Polam Hall’s own theatre, is loosely based on the famous Wizard of Oz story by L. Frank Baum and aimed to show pupils that they too can find their inner qualities just as the Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man did.  The lecture outlined that often young people have qualities they desire which Peter calls ‘The Wizard’. Not always easy to find!

Peter explained to the students that those who find this Wizard become fulfilled and realise their potential. Peter gave the students a tangible set of principles which will enable them to develop their individual talents, education and knowledge into a focused plan which will help maximise their potential.

Peter commented: “A very common phrase adults use is ‘I wish I knew then what I know now’, but all too often we never tell the younger generation what that actually is. Then the young people have to go through the same long process to find out for themselves, so I’m telling them now so they get ahead of the game.”

He continued: “I’ve studied the gurus in this field and come up with my version of the various teachings stretching back almost 100 years and created ‘The Wizard of Us’, and I hope it will inspire all those I will talk to in my motivational speaking work.”

Head teacher, John Moreland said: “It is great to have such an esteemed speaker willing to give up their time to talk to young people as all too often they are so undecided about their futures and don’t always know how to take the next steps and retain ownership of their own destinies.”

The lecture was developed to be part of the student’s Personal, Social and Health Education studies programme and was an interactive talk featuring many of the senior students.

Aisha Avula, aged 17, head girl at Polam Hall said: “Peter’s talk was really inspiring and motivational. It’s made me evaluate my actions and think about how I want to progress and follow my aspirations.”

Polam Hall is currently an independent school but is applying to become a free school from 2015 to enable them to share its educational offering to all.

It has been based at its site in Darlington since 1854 and prides itself on maintaining its traditional values and rich heritage while being able to offer pupils the strongest possible skills for the future.


For more information on the school visit: www.polamhall.com.

For more information on Peter Wilcock visit: http://peterewilcock.co.uk/



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