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Polam Hall School's language students get down to business with region’s firms

Foreign language students have been given the chance to use their skills in a real business setting while promoting the North East in the context of the single European market.

Independent school Polam Hall, in Darlington, joined forces with businesses from across the region recently to host its latest annual Eurolinks event.

For over a decade, the day and boarding school has been collaborating with local companies for the event, which encourages students to use their foreign language skills in a creative way within a real work setting.

As well as underlining the importance of foreign language expertise at all levels of indusEurolinks, North East pupils, North East businesses, business, Polam Hall School, independent day and boarding school, PR, press shot, press release, Harvey & Hugo try and commerce, the event also promotes the region’s economic role in Europe and explores ways of increasing collaboration between school and local businesses.

The event was backed by a number of regional businesses and is designed to show students that languages are already in current use in many organisations in the North East.

Participants assume the role of employees of a company called Eurolinks and are given targets, raw materials and a tight schedule in which to produce presentations in the foreign language they are studying.

They are tasked with highlighting the North East as an attractive area for inward investment while incorporating the products and activities of local companies.

Speaking at the event at Bannatyne Hotel in Darlington, Christine Harvey, head of modern languages at the school said: “We’re thrilled the event has been so successful and I would like to offer a huge thank you to all of the businesses that gave up their time to work with the language students.

“They found the event really inspiring and improved the language speaking skills greatly. I’d especially like to offer thanks to the Bannatyne Hotel for providing their conference facilities to the school.”

Among the organisations that took part in the event for Year 10 pupils were the North East Chamber of Commerce, Stan Seaton Photography, World Languages (North East), Sialyn Training International, Carvers Estate Agents and Edwards Creative Media.

The Eurolinks event was held as part of Polam’s GCSE foreign language studies programme which includes a module on business, work and employment.

The school is this year also in the process of carrying out an extensive period of investment that will see it make major upgrades to its facilities.

Among the planned developments at the school will be development of a new dance studio, the refurbishment of its food technology lab and changing rooms to improve what is already one of the country’s most highly rated schools.

To find out more about the school visit: www.polamhall.com.

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