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PR and marketing trends to look out for in 2020

Here at Pack HQ, we’re starting the decade as we mean to go on; by keeping up to date with all the latest trends in the PR and marketing world.

So, what’s hot – and what’s not – for 2020? Allow us to guide you through the marketing maze…



This is the year to PR your PR, and really shout about your good work. Won an award? Been featured in an influential magazine? Make sure everyone knows.

In today’s fierce battle for attention, there are no guarantees your story will be heard the first, or even the second time, so make sure you keep sharing and repurposing the media coverage across all your social platforms.



We’ve all been lured into that sense of familiarity when an email addresses us by name, so take a tip from the supermarkets and make it personal.

Working on the theory of quality not quantity, it may be more effective to send out a few personal emails, with content tailored to the recipient, rather than a mass, impersonal Mailchimp.



Content may be King, but his subjects now want to engage with him. More than 90 per cent of buyers now say they want more interactive content such as polls, quizzes and games, and you need to make them happy.

It’s not rocket science – it’s super simple to create a poll on Twitter or a slider on an Instagram Story, and you can bet that if you’re not doing it, your competitors soon will be.


Position (zero)

The goalposts have shifted once again, and being the top-ranked search result on Google is no longer enough (sorry). You’re now looking to be position zero – which is placed above the top ranking result and is, essentially, a snippet of content that answers the question that Google has been asked.

Voice-activated technology such as Alexa only reads the snippet, and with less and less time consumers are increasingly unlikely to read down a list of Google results, so you need to be top dog.

How to get there? Well, as with all things SEO, good content always wins, but there are steps you can take to boost your chances, with the big one being snippet bait – creating the content that will ideally comprise the featured snippet.


Digital detox

Not content with a New Year’s food and drink detox, more and more people are embarking on digital detoxes. With the increased use of social media for work and a focus on the potential pitfalls of social media, many people are taking a step back in their personal lives.

This is where your analytics are invaluable; don’t assume your key demographic is using social media in the same way as it was a year ago. And if they’re not, what can you do to reach them? Timing, content and platform are all things to consider here, so make sure you act on your findings.


A sense of community

Facebook communities created by businesses are a growing market and, when you think about it, it’s a perfect partnership; companies want to boost their brands and Facebook wants to stem the haemorrhage of users.

For example, a breast pump manufacturer can target breastfeeding mothers through a Facebook group, creating a heart-warming sense of community at the same time as benefitting from a captive audience.



Ultimately, this is what all human interaction boils down to, so is it time to go back to basics? With a world increasingly ruled by algorithms, PR needs to keep focus on the human touch, creating content that people can relate to – vital for brand perception and making an impact.

In the past we worked with our hands, the present has been about working with our heads and 2020 belongs to the heart.


If you need a helping paw to keep on trend in 2020, throw us a bone on 01325 486666 or email info@harveyandhugo.com

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