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PR, content marketing and SEO content, three separate, or complementing disciplines?

We were thrilled to be approached by The Content Standard – a marketing focused blog hosted by  Skyword – to have our say on how to write content for PR, marketing and SEO purposes.

The article asked the critical question… Are PR, content marketing and SEO three separate, or complementing disciplines?

Leader of The Pack, Charlotte Nichols, talked about the importance of finding a strong news angle and ensuring content is adapted for specific purposes to receive maximum exposure.

You can find an extract of the article below and the full article can be found here:

“A strong news angle is important; however, for us it’s about finding the heart of the story,” says Charlotte Nichols, managing director of PR agency Harvey & Hugo “We believe the future belongs to ESPs (Emotional Selling Propositions) rather than USPs. Stories these days need to be clicked, shared, liked, heard, but most of all felt by the target audience.

 “While many think that traditional PR is dying, we believe it is simply evolving. PR will always have that added credibility that social media and SEO content don’t always achieve. Brands live and die by their reputation, so whatever the PR channel used, it is invaluable.”

Nichols says their typical process for storytelling is a “careful blend” of satisfying three audiences: the client, the target audience, and the journalists they’re selling to.

“It comes down to a battle between visibility and validity,” she says. “Balance is key, and I feel that agencies that swing too far to either side (PR or SEO) are the ones that do more brand damage. In today’s digital economy it’s important to get the right mix of traditional PR and digital PR. For example, every press release we write for a client is repurposed into a 30-second video, online content, infographics, and social media content.”

To read the full article click here.

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