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Presentation tips

Presenting to an audience still ranks among your top fears but with a little practice and help from these tips, it’s not as scary as it sounds…

Fuel your performance

Just like an athlete, you are performing out there. Make sure you’re well hydrated and have eaten a healthy meal a couple of hours before.

Use adrenalin to your advantage

Adrenalin can enhance performance if used in the right way. Instead of seeing nerves as a negative, use them to inject energy and passion into your presentation.

Prepare for the worst

What if the computer doesn’t work? Do you have notes so you can still do your presentation? Make sure you have a contingency plan.


If you’re using slides, keep them simple, pictures and infographics often speak a thousand words and you can talk around them. Never just read directly from the slides.

Give the audience something to take home

This can be a message or an immediate action for them to carry out the next day.


Questions from the audience demonstrate they are engaged. Although this can put you off track on your presentation it can often help to go with the flow and you can always come back to things later. Don’t forget to ask your audience questions too. Again this is great for engagement and it can give your vocal chords a rest and you the chance to grab a sip of water.

If you really must, you can always use the old chestnut of imagining the audience naked!

If you have any extra tips of what you do to prepare / ease your presentation nerves, please feel free to share.

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