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Press release fails

Are you wondering why your press release is never seen again once the ‘send’ button is pressed? Here’s some common mistakes which could be stopping your release from getting published.

Skip the history lesson

If your release starts along the lines of ‘In 1999 Mr Smith founded the Company’ be assured it’s going straight in the bin. Familiarise yourself with the inverted pyramid – begin with the most important information and work down.

You’re trying to win a creative writing award

A press release should be beautifully concise. It should allow the journalist to find out the most important facts about the story within 10 seconds.

It’s too long

Try keep your release to around a page. Don’t write too long-winded paragraphs and use 1.5 spacing.

It’s not a story

Is what you’re writing about actually newsworthy? It may be a big deal to you or your client, but will the end reader find this of interest? If the answer is no, perhaps write a blog instead for the Company website.

You’re sending it to the wrong people
Do your research and only send it to people who will have an interest in the story. You can always call ahead before sending it to check.

Timing is everything 

Plan when you send your release so you can hit key deadlines of features and supplements.

If you still can’t generate news coverage, we’d be delighted to assist!

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