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Rats again…getting the most from your news

After overturning some hefty misconceptions, rats are once again in the headlines.News On Modern Digital Devices

After supposedly being vindicated of spreading the Black Death, rats are now boosting their new found positive image with a success story. In Tanzania, African giant pouched rats are being used successfully to find buried landmines, after an intensive nine month boot camp.

After our recent blog about dealing with bad publicity, these rats have really taken our advice to heart by pushing a positive news story to boost their reputation – nice one rats.

But it got us to thinking about how to get the best out of your positive news:

News is good

There may not be new and exciting news to share on a daily basis, after all we can’t all be as heroic as rats. However, if your business has undergone growth, hired new staff, won any awards or won new business then make sure to tell people about it.

Be clear on your message

As always, communication is key. Be sure on what it is you want people to know and make it clear and engaging.

Know your audience

It’s one thing to get your news out there, it’s another to get people to read it. By knowing your audience you can target specific publications and news sources relevant to your market to better ensure your message is heard.

Link back to your business

It’s great to share positive news, but this news is even better when your audience knows how it can benefit them so be sure to tell them.

Sharing is caring

It may seem obvious, but sharing on social media is a great way to get your news across to people who are already interested in your business. Some studies have shown that positive news spreads faster than negative, so get sharing!



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