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North Yorkshire-based Rounton Coffee secures fair trade partnership with Tanzanian coffee farmers

North Yorkshire-based Rounton Coffee are pursuing their ethical sourcing and direct trade commitments with a recent procurement of speciality coffee beans from Tanzania.

The micro coffee roasters in East Rounton specialise in high quality and sustainable speciality coffees, which is sold into quality and ethically driven coffee shops.

Founder David Beattie and importing partner Falcon Speciality have just returned from a research trip to Tanzania, exploring the Southern regions of Mbeya, Mbozi and Rungwe.

The trip was conducted to research possible sources of single origin speciality coffee beans and to see how the Company’s commitment to responsible purchasing can genuinely help those in developing countries.

Rounton Coffee works directly with the farmers in order to ensure they get a premium price for their produce and benefit from their trade. Ethical sourcing and direct trade is the foundation of Rounton Coffee’s business, ensuring quality and fairness and maintaining positive relationships between the Company and its suppliers.

David said: “The aim is to ensure that the farmed coffee is sold with a fixed premium price instead of selling via auction into the commodity market. Quality demands a high price, and this is the best way that a farmer can directly benefit from the increasing demand in speciality coffee. We intend to be true to the farms we’re working with and build lasting relationships with the farmers.

“We set our sights on Tanzania in the hopes of finding a coffee that we find, is a true reflection of this country. Visiting the farms first-hand meant we could inspect the crop, the harvesting and processing methods and environmental conditions, all of which impact the quality of the bean. The working conditions for the farmers were also assessed.

“Alongside our purchase, we are very pleased to have found a small micro-lot in Mbeya, from one of the smallholders who is working hard to improve quality in the region. The whole lot is being shipped to our roastery to be roasted and served in selected coffee shops.

“At Rounton we pride ourselves on resilience, determination and hard work. Our mission is to source and roast some of the most exclusive coffee from around the world, and we feel we are really pursuing this with our Tanzanian venture.”

Due to its exclusivity, the new coffee will be distributed to only select few of Rounton’s suppliers, one of which is Rounton’s own Bedford Street Coffee House in Middlesbrough. It will be available towards the end of this year.

For more information, visit http://www.rountoncoffee.co.uk/

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