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Rugby School embarks on innovative coaching programme

One of the country’s most prestigious schools, which revolutionised the sporting world nearly 200 years ago, is taking an exciting and innovative step towards its teaching and learning approach.


Rugby School believes education is all about transforming lives and nurturing individual talent and in its aim to keep the best of the past and combine it with the best of the future, has teamed up with coaching company Graydin.


From September 2015, Graydin – which is being hailed for revitalising teaching across the UK – will deliver several coaching programmes to all teaching staff over a period of two years.


Coaching encourages individuals to deeply explore who they are, what they want, and how to live out their passions.


Graydin and its services bring a positive approach to improving leadership, communication and wellbeing in schools and the company prides itself on having created a common-coaching language that is being used across all ages, demographics, roles, and genders in the school community.


Rugby headmaster, Peter Green, said: “Rugby is a school built on tradition but always looking to the future.


“Through this, it has built a strong reputation for its pioneering approach to the curriculum and Graydin’s approach to coaching fits entirely within this strategy.


“The partnership with Graydin will ultimately enable us to deliver on an independent, sustainable basis, a truly versatile, progressive CPD programme, ensuring our teachers continue to deliver the best teaching and learning experience for our pupils.”


Founded in 2011 by qualified youth and business coaches, Quinn Simpson and McKenzie Cerri, Graydin has worked with 62 education establishments of all shapes and sizes in the last four years, including state, independent, primary and secondary schools.


Graydin’s first client was Berkshire-based boarding school, Wellington College, where a successful four-year coaching programme resulted in an embedded coaching culture throughout the school. Significant shifts in the policies and school structures were seen, as well as an awareness and collective vision amongst all staff that coaching is a critical skillset of a teacher and in pastoral care.


Speaking about coaching and the changes it brings to schools, co-founder Quinn, said: “Graydin’s goal is not simply to train teachers in coaching skills but rather to support school wide, cultural change.


“Graydin believes that the role of the teacher is naturally shifting towards being more coach-like. Just as every trained teacher knows how to create a lesson plan and teach their subject, our mission is for every teacher to know how to use coaching skills in order to effectively support their colleagues and students.


“We are excited to partner with Rugby to train teachers in coaching skills, and support their inspiring visions, and areas of growth.”


To find out more about Graydin visit http://www.graydin.com/




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