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Schools on social media: what you need to know.

We all have trepidations with social media, especially for those of you in the education sector. To ease anxieties before you take the big leap into the Twitterverse, take a look at these pointers…

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Know the Law

We’re all still trying to grasp the intricacies of the law when it comes to the world of social media. What you should be clear on before you do anything is the law. If you’re going to be publishing content involving children, you need to be clued up. Make sure you research the current laws in place… One thing is for sure, make sure all parents have given ironclad consent before you post anything.

Reaching parents

Social media is a fantastic tool to spread the word quickly. If there has been a last-minute change for a parents’ evening and you need to get the word out quickly then Twitter and Facebook are your answers, especially if you don’t have time to distribute a thousand letters to parents!

Be the experts

Education is so important to so many of us, and the laws and policies are ever-changing. Social media is not only a great way to show you’re an expert in the industry, but it’s also a fantastic listening tool. Make sure you’re following governing bodies and education experts. This way you can always be in the know on what’s happening and are prepared for any changes that are coming your way.

Promote the school

Don’t forget, social media can also be a place for boasting your successes. If your students just aced their exams or you’ve smashed the national average for success levels in a certain subject, then let the world know. The reputation of your school is important and social media is great for showing the world what you have achieved.

Be wary of typos!

You’re a school so you should lead by example. If parents spot a school mixing up “their” and “there” they will question your ability on what you are teaching their children. Be extra careful before you Tweet. If in doubt, get someone to proof-read the Tweets beforehand.


We have worked with nurseries, schools, training centres and universities with their social media management, so if you’re looking for some help drop us an email – info@harveyandhugo.com


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