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PR Audit

❤️  Before you start a new campaign, it’s often important to review what you have done so far. This way, you can do more of what has worked for you and less of what didn’t.

🧠 Our PR professionals can work with you to look back at past PR activity such as press releases, articles and profile building to see how much coverage was achieved and how many people then visited your website.

It can be very difficult to manage a PR campaign. There are things that are easier to manage, for example:

But, it’s actually really hard to measure the many goals of a PR campaign, for example:

Often the only way of measuring these goals is to conduct surveys with your stakeholders, but even then, are you getting true, unbiased answers?

There is of course, the old school methods and techniques in terms of calculating the value of PR coverage such as Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE), however this is now outdated.

Our PR audit service considers all of the above factors to review a past campaign and we can provide honest advice on where there are strengths and weaknesses.

Managing expectations is important at the start of a PR campaign as often companies expect to be on those red sofas of BBC Breakfast instantly without the strength of story or the budget. PR campaigns take time to achieve their objectives, so patience is always required. After all, Warren Buffet said:

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

If you’re interested in our opinion on your PR activity and would like an audit carrying out, please call 01325 486666 or email info@harveyandhugo.com