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❤️  Newsletters can help reach your customers and leads to regularly remind them of your services.

🧠 We can help you create, edit, design and distribute your perfect newsletter.

 If you’re frustrated with the style that press releases and articles have to be written in, you can tell your own news in your own style and in your own sweet time by sending out newsletters.

We highly recommend this service as it can achieve the following benefits:

It’s important that the newsletter stands out in people’s crowded inboxes, so we can help you curate creative content with attention grabbing subject titles. Where people often go wrong with newsletters is that they think about content that you like; however it’s important to think about content that your target market would find useful.

Creating the newsletter is just the first step though….it’s then who to send it to? We recommend newsletters are shared in the following ways:

We can help you create a system to build your database if you currently don’t have one. It’s important that the data is gathered according to GDPR.

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If you would like us to create your very own newsletter, please call 01325 486666 or email info@harveyandhugo.com