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Attracting followers

❤️  Ultimately, social media is all about communication. But why shout about all the great things you do, if no one is listening?

🧠 Granted, it is more about quality followers than quantity of followers but imagine if you could have it all? Well you can! Harvey & Hugo help you generate high levels of followers from the right people.

High numbers of quality followers help build credibility, which in turn attract more followers. Ultimately we aim to help you become influencers in your industry.

Our Pack of social media experts will develop creative and engaging content to help build your brand on social media. By utilising trending hashtags, awareness days and special events we will help boost your visibility to those who aren’t following you…yet.

We will create targeted lists of suppliers, business leads, media and influencers to encourage engagement and therefore, followers.

The Pack also uses social media applications to help make content more visible to the right markets and also social media advertising platforms.

If you need help attracting followers on social media, throw us a bone on 01325 486666 or email info@harveyandhugo.com to discuss further.