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Social media training

❤️  Does LinkedIn leave your head spinning? Don’t know your hashtags from your handles? We can help you build your skills to become social media savvy and make the most out of your platforms.

🧠 In this ever-evolving digital landscape it’s easy to miss a trick or two on social media that could be potentially crucial to your success. We combine our expert knowledge and years of experience to deliver bespoke training to help build your social media skills.

Social media is much more than just tweeting and training is often needed to implement a strategy that ties into your overall objectives, company vision and culture.

We can create a tailored social media training session for your business and employees – making sure to take everything at your speed – so you will feel confident using social media across all platforms.

As part of the training, we will review your current social media platforms, help you to define your company’s personality and tone, discuss and offer advice on the approach you should take and much more.

Training can include:

We’ll also be able to help you identify opportunities for engagement with your company’s target audience, teach you how observing relevant news and trending hashtags will help boost your visibility and how monitoring your accounts can help you enhance your social media strategy.

Helping you to develop a social media management plan, will mean when your training is finished, you’ll be ready to take social networking by storm.

Our knowledge and expertise in social media guarantees you’ll receive first class training. We have a wealth of experience working with businesses in a wide variety of sectors making Harvey & Hugo the perfect team to trust with your social media training.

We’re so passionate about training that we even have our own training school, Hugoversity which as part of a wider offering offers regular group training sessions as a taster.

Give us a call on 01325 486666 or email info@harveyandhugo.com if you’d like to discuss this further.