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Social Media

Social media has fast become a key marketing platform, with Twitter being named one of the top websites for businesses looking to attract and build relationships with their target audiences. More and more businesses are discovering the benefits of social media in making contact with their audiences at the click of a button and acquiring new business as a result – and we therefore encourage you to have a social media strategy in place so that you can enjoy the same benefits.

Effective social media strategies have many positive results, including:

They use your Social Media as a measure of trust in your site- they can clearly see the number of followers, the interaction you have with followers etc. The more succesful your Social Media efforts, the more Google likes your website and in return, the higher it will climb in the organic search results.


Twitter allows you to instantly connect with the companies and/or individuals that you wish your messages to reach. Through “tweeting” news or directing interesting questions at your audience, you can encourage responses and feedback which can then help you to improve your services and image in the mind of the public. And this in turn can lead to more business as those you interact with take positive messages about you to others, either online or off.


Like Twitter, Facebook allows you to instantly share your Company’s news and updates and upload them along with relevant images, videos and links to other websites or pages. While Facebook does not allow for the immediate and direct responses which can be acquired through Twitter, the site can still be used to connect and share news with followers and receive more detailed updates from target audience members.


YouTube has become another top social media outlet due to the ease with which videos can be uploaded and shared by embedding links in other social media updates such as “tweets” and company blogs. If you have a marketing video, uploading it on YouTube and sharing the link on your social media will ensure that your video helps to drive as much traffic as possible back to your website. The fact that YouTube also ranks as the second-biggest search engine after Google means that your video will be found easily when the relevant key-words are searched. As well as enhancing your Company’s SEO in this way, YouTube also allows you to interact and build relationships with those who view your video(s).


The popularity of LinkedIn comes from its effectiveness as a networking tool; companies can easily search for detailed information on other businesses that they may be interested in targeting, as well as using the site to research competitors. By having a presence on LinkedIn as well as other social media sites, you are increasing the chances of your Company name climbing the ranks of major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! and you’re also giving yourself another online platform on which to post links back to your website, videos and other social media accounts.


If you have a press release written by us, we can set up a social media strategy to ensure that your story is told to all your followers and ours, increasing the leverage of your publicity and your exposure within the public eye. We can post links to your press release and any resulting coverage on all of your social media accounts, ensuring that people will be able to click back to your story and website easily. Through this method of link-building, your Company name will again end up ranking higher in search engine results pages, which will of course lead to more traffic on your website and increased business opportunities.

We will discuss with you the desired goals you would like to achieve and the best package to meet those goals. After deciding a social media strategy with you, we will then keep you updated on our progress along the way.

We offer Social Media Marketing services throughout the North East, from our Darlington and Newcastle based offices.

So, for a flexible, comprehensive social media strategy designed with your business in mind, contact us today and see how we can help market yourself and your Company online.