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Media Relations

Media relations involves working with various media for the purpose of promoting an organisation to the public. While it is important to write a press release and send it to the relevant media, the true value comes from the media placing the release in the public eye. Contact with journalists is therefore at the heart of what we do.

Our expertise in media relations ensures that your core message reaches your target audience, regardless of who they are. In this way, we can help to:

After we distribute your release, or pitch a possible feature opportunity regarding your organisation, we carry out regular follow-ups to sell the story to the relevant journalists. After undertaking these proactive media relations in giving journalists positive stories, we also offer reactive media relations by managing media enquiries that we receive as a result.

By working with various media and building contacts in this way, we help to ensure that your stories – and company name – reach your intended audience and achieve the right results for you.