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Press Releases & Articles

While PR stands for public relations, some people also understand it to refer to press releases. This is very apt considering that press releases are one of the most effective tools used to help promote your Company to the right audience.

Good public relations are encouraged when positive stories about businesses are told through the press. And these positive stories can ultimately lead to a significant increase in business and profit.

Additional benefits of a PR campaign:

Press releases are the most effective and economical way of getting your name in the public eye. It is a way of promoting your Company, products and services to your target audience without paying for an expensive advert which is unlikely to achieve the same results.

A strong press release often comes from events such as, or similar to, the following:

If any of the above apply to you or your Company, then all you need to do is tell us about it. We will then contact you with some questions – either by phone or e-mail, depending on your preference – in order to acquire as much information concerning your story as possible.

Once we have all your answers and any extra information we need, we undertake the following steps to ensure that your story gets noticed by the press:

With our proactive media relations, we ensure that your story is always followed up regularly, and we also handle any resulting media enquiries. We then send you regular updates on where and when your press release is published, so that you know who your story has reached.

Depending on your chosen PR package, we also upload your press release onto the Harvey & Hugo website and blog and promote the story through our well-followed social media accounts. We can also send your story to relevant trade magazines and, if appropriate, local radio and television news channels – anything to maximise your chances of raising your Company profile and generating more business as a result.