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Top tips for using Pinterest

Pinterest is a great social network to help clients gain a visual insight into your business.

Below, are some important ways businesses can use Pinterest effectively:

Research the social media platform

Make sure you do your homework – don’t just go straight ahead and sign up.

Take a look at what others are doing on Pinterest; look into what your competitors are doing too. This will give you an insight into what you should be pinning.

Once you feel confident, sign up!

Do others know you’re on Pinterest?

Make sure your clients and potential clients know you’re on the social media network so they can start following you.

Be sure you place Pinterest icons on your:
• Sign-offs
• Marketing materials
• Website

If you’re on other social media platforms, you can spread the word by sharing your Pinterest account details on there too.

You can also make your target market aware that you are on Pinterest, simply by following them.

Is your Pinterest page branded?

Make sure your page is branded; this will help clients recognise you and build brand awareness amongst new followers.

Are you pinning the correct images?

Make sure you’re re-pinning or uploading images that your clients can relate to. Also, make sure your content fits in with your organisation’s overall strategy.

Create boards that are:
• Inspiring to your company and clients
• Interesting
• Creative
• Humorous
• Engaging
• Rich in images linked to your website

What do the images mean to you?

Use hashtags in the descriptions of the pins. Just like Instagram, Pinterest has a search function to categorise relevant topics.

What to hashtag…
• Your company’s name
• Keywords
• Topics (PR, marketing etc)
• Emotions

Are you being engaging?

Engage with your target market by…
• Liking others pins
• Commenting on pins you like
• Re-pinning someone’s pin
• Running competitions

Happy pinning!

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