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Snapchat Memories – mixing the old with the new

Gasps were heard around the world as Snapchat revealed its latest game-changing update – Memories.


This newest feature from everybody’s favourite image messaging and multimedia mobile app, allows users to save past Snaps and edit them together into a longer narrative or repost them as flashbacks.


Memories will roll out gradually to all users and are available by swiping up from the camera screen. Other options are also available, including My Eyes Only, a passcode-enabled way to archive Snaps, and being able to compile and send entire Stories directly to your friends.


Opinions are already divided about Memories, as Snapchat has always been about taking photos and videos in the moment, which then erase after they are viewed.  However, the company said it added the feature after numerous user requests.


Although users aren’t forced to use Memories, (it’s possible to continue using Snapchat without ever once trying out Memories and everything will be the same as it always was) it’s a convenient feature more or less geared toward those of us who hate having to remind ourselves to backup Snaps and Stories we’ve created for later viewing or sharing. (We’ve all been there).


On top of this, because your Memories are tied to a Snapchat account and backed up to the cloud, they’ll follow a user around wherever they login into the app, no matter which device they’re using.


Snappers are already enjoying being more creative with stories, as they can pick and choose what goes in them by re-uploading old Snaps or creating new Stories by mixing and matching old Snaps or even media already saved on their devices.


However, to stop people from only uploading old content from Memories, Snapchat makes it obvious that it’s not a true Snap, by displaying them with a thick white border along with the relative date/time. This applies to photos and videos taken with a regular camera app that are only a few seconds old.


We think Snapchat Memories is a great addition and can’t wait to get even more creative with our stories, mixing and matching the old with the new.


What do you think? Are you a fan of the latest feature or are you worried it takes the spontaneous fun out of Snapchat?


Why not let us know by sending us your own story?

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