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Social media marketing trends to look out for in 2016

With statistics suggesting an estimated two billion people will own a smart phone in 2016, it’s important to start thinking about exploiting social media marketing.


It can, at times, be overwhelming to stay up to date with the latest developments, so here are the top five trends to watch out for in 2016.


The buy button

Facebook and Pinterest are just two platforms to have introduced a buy button this year.  With a simple tap, people can make an instant purchase on an advertiser’s or user’s page. It looks like more social media platforms will follow suit in 2016.


In-app functionality

Facebook are developing their own answer to Siri in a bid to assist users and prevent them from leaving in a hurry. Instagram and Twitter are also working to expand their platforms for 2016, meaning marketers have even more opportunities to engage with an audience in one place.


Location marketing technology

It is much easier for marketers to gauge how many customers they can reach via social media. New technology such as iBeacons is inexpensive and becoming increasingly popular. Transmitters can detect when a device is nearby and can do anything from welcoming a customer to monitoring shopping habits.


New platforms will struggle

Over time there have been many small social media platforms that have either made a statement or have fizzled out almost as soon as they started. With the big players pulling out all the stops, 2016 could see a lot less successful platforms.


Which of these trends do you think would be most useful for your business? Let us know by tweeting us @harveyandhugo


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