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Social media should be social!

One of my biggest bugbears are agencies that claim to ‘do’ social media. By ‘do’ they mean:social media

Will prepare ‘content’ weeks in advance for the client

This is usually drab facts and information all about themselves that they hope will compel their followers to make a sale

They will schedule the content to drip-feed throughout the month

This is with no regard to timing of respectful events e.g. 11am November 11th.

Buy followers and likes

These are from inactive users who will ignore the boring, irrelevant scheduled content (probably just as well).

And that’s pretty much it – their clients are now ‘doing’ social media!

To those who take great pride in their social media activity and know the true meaning of social media is to be ‘social’ (There’s a hint in the title!), this activity is completely pointless.

People forget that social networking is still networking – you wouldn’t attend a networking event and talk repeatedly about events that happened three weeks ago, or every 10 minutes do a micro sales pitch ‘Take a look at our great range of products on the website’. And you certainly wouldn’t bother showing up to a networking event where the only people there were people from the other side of the world pretending to be an interested in your business (I’m talking fake followers here!).

How Harvey & Hugo ‘do’ social media

We prepare content daily

This is to ensure it is interesting, relevant and takes into account special occasions and breaking news.

Content is tailored to the client’s target market

If you want your target market to be engaged, you have to produce content they’re interested in. There are far too many Companies purely tweeting, Me Me Me!

Content is not scheduled

This is just wrong. You should be able to react to interaction around your content. We constantly monitor our accounts for interaction and feedback while we are posting content.

We engage

It’s important to listen to what your followers are saying and engage in their conversations

We grow followers organically

If you’re doing the above, genuine followers who are interested in your business will follow you. Buying followers is all about ego, but I’d much rather have only 100 followers and be interacting with them and building great relationships.

For more information about our social media services or training sessions go to: http://www.harveyandhugo.com/public-relations/social-media/

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