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Social media Stateside

You may already know this from the many pictures I’ve shared on social media but I’ve recently (well it’s actually over a month now, but a welcoming pile of work has kept me from writing this sooner) returned from a trip to America where I visited Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.snapchat

The main aim of my trip was to discover how PR and marketing agencies are doing things over there, in particularly services such as content marketing and social media.

As social media was invented in America, I was expecting big things! I was slightly disappointed by what I found. Yes, there are agencies out there doing amazing things with social media, but they still have Companies out there doing social media wrong.

One of my biggest bugbears in the UK are agencies that claim to ‘do’ social media. By ‘do’ they mean buy followers and automate tweets all about them! See recent blog ‘Social media should be social’ (http://www.harveyandhugo.com/social-media-should-be-social/ ). This activity happens a lot in the USA still, the only difference I found is that they are more open about it as a strategy, whereas UK Companies like to build the impression that they are doing it right.

Social media in the USA isn’t massively ahead of what the good agencies are doing in the UK. Agencies do put more emphasis into monitoring social media more across the pond and they are driven by generating statistics for their clients – this is something the UK agencies can perhaps improve on.

Content marketing is taken much more seriously over there with more businesses recognising the importance of inbound traffic to their websites. The majority of content seems to be outsourced to specialist content creation agencies, of which there seems to be more of over there compared to the UK. With so many companies dedicated to churning out content, you can’t help but think quality may be sacrificed for quantity. Still, I think the UK needs to catch up in the field of content marketing as once you have the strategy right it can generate fantastic leads and boost reputation without having to try and sell at all. See our Content marketing blog for more information: http://www.harveyandhugo.com/generating-content-for-my-website/

The trip culminated in a visit to PubCon – the premier social media and optimisation conference and expo. I attended the day where the keynote speaker was Twitter expert, Scott Stratten. President of Un-marketing.com, he is an expert in viral, social and authentic marketing, known as un-marketing.  I was pleased as a lot of what he presented reinforced what we believe. This included:

  1. Hardly anyone uses QR codes
  2. Google+ over inflates its user statistics http://www.unmarketing.com/2013/01/28/the-farce-that-is-google/
  3. Use social media to increase engagement and relationship building rather than trying to sell
  4. Immediacy is becoming very important in social media and is vital for customer service

I would just like to say a big thank you to the UKTI who were extremely helpful throughout the whole visit, helping introduce me to key people, arranging networking events and helping fund my trip. They are a fantastic organisation and if there’s anyone out there who is looking to research other countries or export, I encourage you to get in touch.


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