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Social Media – The power of a multi-platform approach

social_media_peopleBecome as accessible as you can… How important is it for your brand/organisation to have a presence on a variety of different social media platforms? Well, in short, it’s vital! Being accessible across as many mediums as possible not only gives you the opportunity to increase coverage, but also to project your messages into the public forum in a multitude of appealing and creative ways.

What can be brought to the table?… Each social media platform has an edge. For example Twitter and Facebook provide ample opportunities to gauge opinions or spark debate. Whilst showing off your latest product or creating attractive visuals to entice your audience is where Instagram comes into its own. If your goal is to make connections with professionals from your industry, there’s no better place than LinkedIn. Depending on your objectives, products or services, a range of different ways in which you communicate with your audiences can boost engagement, interaction and even drive sales.

Increase your audiences’ involvement… A great benefit to a multi-platform approach is being able to channel an audience that engages with one form of social media, to start engaging with another.  For example, a tweet is limited to only 140 characters which is nowhere near long enough to get your message across! However, by tweeting links to other web-based technologies such as your brand/organisation’s blog, you are not only enabling readers to find out more about what you have to say, but are increasing the interaction that the reader is having with you. That can only be a good thing!

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