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Blacketts Skin & Laser Clinic lands space-age technology

Blacketts Skin & Laser Clinic, North East, RejuvaLight technology, skin technology, NASA laboratory, PR, press shot , Harvey & HugoPEOPLE in the North East who suffer from skin conditions such as acne can now access a groundbreaking new treatment method which started life in a NASA laboratory.

Blacketts Skin & Laser Clinic, in Darlington, has invested in new technology which enables it to carry out a process known as RejuvaLight diode light therapy that can transform the lives of clients with skin problems.

The anti-ageing, rejuvenating and healing treatment uses the scientifically-proven positive effects of red and blue light to repair skin cells.

It is based on research first conducted by scientists at NASA that underlined the huge benefits that light based skin therapy can have in effectively treating certain skin conditions.

The RejuvaLight system stimulates skin cells by using specific wavelengths of red and blue light that encourage the formation of collagen, assist skin repair and eliminate the bacteria responsible for the most prevalent acne conditions.

The unit consists of hundreds of tiny individual red and blue light emitting diodes on a small device which is shone directly onto the face or body to tone and plump the skin, kill bacteria and promote cellular renewal.

Dr Andrew Michie, who runs the clinic in Bondgate, said: “Acne is a common problem which can affect people of all ages and we’re delighted to now be able to offer this revolutionary technology to clients with the condition in the North East.

“The new technology is the latest step in our ongoing expansion and we look forward to continually growing our service offering to meet the needs of our customers.”

For more information about Blacketts Skin & Laser Clinic and its new RejuvaLight diode light therapy visit www.blackettsskinandlaserclinic.co.uk

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